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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 17, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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years, this is the most competitive market. it is very good for sellers because they're getting better prices than they have had in years. >>j.r.: in lookit the hall and concord, its sole or just under $300,000. back 2005 this would of sold for five added thousand dollars. reporting live in concord, at j.r. stone kron 4 and is. >>gabe: >>grant: we saw a big gain from last year appeared as 9.3 percent say player.
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7 cisco is seeing an increase from prices. a year. amaranth, prices the dropping in 6.4%. and alan me that there is a drop 0.9%. san mt. tam is no change. -- san mateo there is no change. >>pam: this man was found tuesday evening with the help desk avenue on ramp on 101. he survived almost a week without food or water. the police look for have gave up on the belief that sanchez left the scene. >> twist sets up a walk
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away from the scene. we have no way falling up. we are not complacent in any situation. we still did a to 45 minutes search of that area with five personnel. somehow got miss. well hindsight, i guess as opposite things again say but that decision was made based on information that we had. >>pam: is listed as critical but stable. a full recovery is good because it sanchez says john strong and in good health. a crime ring has been busted in san francisco.
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>> here in the san francisco hall of justice authorities have arrested three women that they believe have gotten thousands of dollars under mostly asian and elderly women. they talked and out of their valuables to rid themselves of these evil spirits. >> that sounds too good to be true then there's something wrong with that. >> it a link that there are more victims out there. the same scam is happening in boston and chicago. >>pam: there is a series of
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gold chain robberies'. the boy or handing out flyers on how the gold chain that's were committed. that there'll be a woman or a man walking down the street on foot or sometimes on bicycles. it will forcibly take the chain or the race lead or watchers sometimes the ring of the people's fingers bear its get their mostly hispanic from females and males. sometimes it is average children. oakland police it there also using surveillance cameras. the largest tax ip have it
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in history takes place tomorrow morning. requited jade. -- record the gave. it's like a facebook frenzy. >>gabe: today facebook has set the price at $38 bridge there appeared $38 per share. a hundred and $4 billion is how much they're likely to make your here is how they plan on celebrate going public in irian >> media from all around the country gathered in front of facebook headquarters. this is a quiet. because has facebook is not
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allowed to talk to the media. if they raise with their expected to tomorrow and become officially valued at under the $4 billion, it will be the most valuable company in u.s. business history at a time of their initial offering. faced with an employe leaves are developing an attack at dawn and they are working overnight until the bell opens. they are committed to their roots. they did not want to lose sight of that after going public. they're saying to remind them of their race is that after way. -- is hacker away.
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maybe tonight the next big facebook page will be created. will they after over other site with ads to answer to shareholders? your here is somebody that covered base of for years and as the company inside and out. >> facebook feature will be business as usual. faced but has been developing quietly on the sidelines for a long time. facebook is a as a public company for the first while look and feel exactly the same as they already do. >>pam: kron for coverage of
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the facebook ipo will happen with the out the news. grant >> >>grant: here is a shot of the golden gate bridge. right now as we get to the night tonight the wind is buried a 440 m.p.h. in oakland. it is keeping temperatures cool and close to the day. reading right now as if it fit the is for oakland. over the night of the mostly clear skies but the wins will continue till about midnight at about 35 to 45
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mi. per hour. the class attended end and then in the morning the below clouds. will find out more about the friday forecast coming up. >> and donna summers has died. seal is not as a disco queen. me is it >> at the fact is that she loved what she did. [summer] is came to prominence just as disco was
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exploding. she had best-selling albums and no. 1 had spirit some of her songs were hot stock and she works hard for the money. summer had a great voice, at a big range and beauty queen looks. only at handful of people knew she was fighting lung cancer and the last few months. she was convinced that she and got cancer by inhaling the talks say particles after 911. she also got this straight after becoming a born-again christian and at the 911. her last album released was in 2011. her die hard fan stuck with her. she said that the her to her.
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>> and makes me feel blessed. i go way comeback and i answer there. what a remarkable thing. >> a family released a statement tonight. they are celebrating her extraordinary life and continued legacy. >> with the coroner said they found an trayvon martin system. a popular antibiotic could kill you. news about the top-selling is the pack. the copper at speeds up back again. you might think twice before downloading or abscess streaming more songs.
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the big changes coming to rise since that plan. verizons data planned. >>
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beta breaker rates. from day to break her race. it starts 8:00 in the morning it goes to buy gear rabbits.
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kron will give you all highlights from the days at 7:00 p.m. otherwise join us at 8:00 a.m.. there's signs warning people about the street closures and a stopping sons. we're getting tens of thousands of runners their room to move a and the tower so that they can use their it smart phones. thousands of water bottles are sitting here waiting for the runners to make it as far. there are hundreds of porta- potti is in place. the portable floodlights are here because this crew will be calling an all-nighter saturday night.
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is ascetic and that is something ready for our sunday morning. >>catherine: a medical examiner's office said that the autopsy it see shows that he had a ph.d. in this system. there also a newly released photos of zimmerman is head and face injuries. he had a broken nose print he claims that martin not into the ground. he says city acted in self- defense. he is charged a second degree murder. louisville ky there are three people dead and three people wounded when a was oliver. police to try to piece together exactly what happened. the autocratic people to watch. gunfire rang out again when people gather. and the second shooting two
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women had been arguing that's a far away and one shot and killed the other. officers read that this street in a densely rest of the people and bob arum that's mary kennedy did medical examiner said that mary kennedy was found and was died by hanging. she suffered from depression. a well fire in northern arizona has more mandatory evacuations. it's now covering more than 10 square miles. high winds have been a problem. fire crews are having a tough time.
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incredibly, there still people who refuse to leave the area. another spot or wild fire is forcing evacuations and health data -- colorado. this is the eight square miles. hundreds of firefighters are on the scenes here they think this was started by a person either accidentally or not. and just like arizona the windy weather is not helping in irian >> for chile there are no fires taking place but it is windy here in the bay area. it is seen even stronger gusts to day. and oakland we had gas at about 52 mi. an hour. so far the winds are not quite as strong in the south bay.
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and here is if you to cast wednesday. the strongest winds are the brightest colors. winds will remain gusty through the majority of this evening. by midnight will be breezy and then they're finally going to come down after midnight. in the fog will push back on the bay as we get to tomorrow morning. tomorrow there'll be another windy day but not quite is breezy as today. for the beta breakers on sunday as looking like a good day. the will the fog in the morning. debitors will be at the low 50s at the starting line. the clouds will essentially give way to sunshine.
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by 9:00 a.m. and pastry hill in the be 56. this sea breeze will be there to keep things cool and at the finish line at around 11:00 the the sun shining clouds and the temperature will be 60. for tomorrow the temperatures will be similar to what we've seen today. the warmest place will approach 80 degrees like pittsburgh and acting caulker. san francisco will struggle for another day and get it to 60 degrees. 734 petaluma. here is the 7 day around the bay. the weekend is coming. is looking nice for the weekend. look for low 80s inland. it will be cooler next week starting on monday.
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it does look like we're looking forward to a big warm up by wednesday and thursday. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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are upset that their children are missing school.
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that the find someone to take care of the children. this friday elementary middle high school and alternative schools will be closed. teachers to take a pay cut for the day. there are more cuts in store for esa as the next year. this is money from the teachers' paychecks. the district has a 6.5 this $7 million deficit for the next school year. and this is a ballet appeared >> for the next school session these will be the five furloughed days.
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san francisco is cracking down on school zones. kron 4 a shying how drivers are watch this is silly. >>yoli: the speed limit has changed it went from 25 to 15 mi. an hour in the schools on. speed limits for change when schools are located on a two-way street. you can see their ollie to lanes one in each direction. i it out elie or in war at
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the ap about that it out >> at one of at all possible lead. are said that was assaulted and as happy in early up or acquire
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>> by the way this car plans to raise the flag every morning herein. when you walk around here let me show you another place. they do not know when this happened they found it a couple of days ago. it will probably cost at this park about $7,000 to pick fix it. one solution is to put a lock on the boxes.
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at a it are ride carrier. its aero the up 80 it at a rate that it a as at at at
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day out
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off. on this thursday or are looking at the bay red pulp let's is up with the heavy.
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the bottom out out 101 [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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the nasdaq dropped 60 points. the s&p 500 started to slide today. there was uncertainty ever europe's 38 batters as air as but a of are there at the of or are your talking about up base out there a
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better his that is the or the idea was released. and not /+
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disney on the concrete said he was not a hell that there had i read a comment it is that it is that at all. i said it is at stake. is that state. on said ricky and are at or the record for their
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children at the right. at or
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am not above or the horses at above water he was up eight
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at where older that with that will be right at we will be right back.
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the want
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area there is a grant of at out are arbor and is that
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet!
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sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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the bay area housing market is better than six years.
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this is j.r. from concord tonight county this one line on the market april 20th at the first offer is came in and and sold at a couple of days. >> prices will move back up a little bit. houses ever sale but they go quickly with multiple offers. >> a lot of buyers are new to this idea. they're surprised to hear the knowledge they have to pay full price but they may
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have to pay above list price. this house so three weeks ago for just under $300,000 but in 2005 it would of sulphur 500,000. live from concord j.r. stone caught brought kron 4 and is cared >>grant: a man crashed here on high low highway 101. he took the exit ramp lost control and feared off crashing right here. the driver apparently walked away from the scene and was eventually found in this area. there's lots of six big brash and trays. you cannot see it from the road.
6:04 pm
after fighting him unconscious on tuesday he is currently hospitalized in critical but stable condition. this is dr. say it is chances of recovery are good because he's young and strong. he is lucky to be a live. he has had a spontaneous emotion of his extremities' we're getting in the estimates of the air it is the thought that it >> a are upset it was
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added last and >> of upper 08 by the eight the are paint right away it as an eye at third at about
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>> all the other is a drawing of a woman on the ira oakland police say the bay and up and i am the >> >> at the the and laughed aloud as the and i her laugh is a bank robber and the other to head a although the busy on tape and the
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>> is an the thousand valuable was approached by a suspect. or talked of their property are elderly a agent. i bulls a a a there's the
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are with the torch if writing the elderly of our authority and i that i of justice at a at >> and mate with this faulty eat a the way art is
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that nafta of all of the trachea hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way.
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it is that
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i am not the debt owed at that very that at.
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as big a relatively on the night the night or to a bar after dead the fed will be miles per hour. will give way to is that the east at out at its which airs this 7 day around the bay are brought in will be
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back we will be back.
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this is sent to sound the thousand well. they're backing off of the idea that at obama said his spiritual leader. there is a lot of talk on both sides at. this is why we thought it by the all of the auto clubs. of a >> says of at present obama
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and it brought came out say that this is a bad idea >> e back a minute.
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one can't shot and killed at another is severely beat and ricky we will get the lead of have running a pass or to get dates. or the first time i hear this and does exactly how much he weighs.
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highest levels this house it
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was boat need days later so >> up and the in a pc an arc light on in boston eight more packs of >> at the oakland police department are out at worst.
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they're looking for the old paint robbers. old bribery. they will try right up to the back and take the money bet at and then say russia's is where a cast that the that was found along the it's very good. wheat was bought out or a zero week period there were a a lot of the rest that off the pad up for the end
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or at all is that our at the pathos >> is that it went out on all. it recommended that at second at the time. the best schools and the area will be closed on friday. patient that they are in that they
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>> thousands of bottles of water at the top spot a there are offenses and plays. gordon autry arquette. the lawn opened up the dow are. people are in line get air dam hundred of people have come.
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there are strong. plant. read it. the plant had the died down. or the act. on or is planning now. the debate right irian there are to resistor that have done in their base or to eat that day. they are about ready.
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881 and a cursory me and started. next year i got. ever since then that existed at the and the postion. they had won at the peak pet or >> @ the end up as part where. with a plea at advertised
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the past is is that like all. the runaway children agent or. that is that all but a laugh only about and i discussed people could it body slated to get them. but the pastor of this year's race is pop secret. >> this saturday will be able bay to breakers race
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right right here on odd or >> mary pat to one of that eat [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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the end of this isn't a
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it's like asking
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>> if something doesn't happen in your life what you think is quite happened. yet i woke up late at m i will die at that. that at >> berry as the highlight and this board.
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mclane this point to spend six months in jail. we understand a bit the appropriate nfl ball review the situation. suing the coast for defamation of character.
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the dow has read his reputation. he has time on his hands. as they have a problem at the beta breaks it breakers and use do what of the judges. that would be the head of the bay to breakers race. anyway indiana just went up one. in bakersfield the writer just add of the top-10 david's a risky was the
6:50 pm
overall leader. an ice hockey. bobby grier and put every bat on the usa. it is there. . the fence when it is quick shot from close range. the finish to win and then and now they will meet russia. mr. bay to breakers himself the great judge mock sum.
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am not >> the eight the right low- key on that day. here is a 2000 or about a bill byrne at once. at at i in at >> i think about is it getting better and better.
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we have the 20092090 or parent on it yet irian >> does it irritate you let somebody passed that way irian >> and eat at the a lot of people exercising a the in the crowded. if i was a neat bun are
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good >> the thought is but one thing that draws people back it is at like and where else >> east bay and on the bed early of the people than that of all i want. if you have a halt on that path. the ending what will stop along the way to test an art we will eat that day.
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we will eat >>
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news on the death of disco legend donna summer today. >> what we have uncovered about the 63-year-old's final days. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. ♪ she works hard for the money breaking news coming in now -- >> the queen of disco has died. ♪ >> her last tv appearance. >> we have to figure out what the weak link is. >> the lung cancer battle that she kept hidden. >> most people weren't aware that she was as sick as she was. i'm outside donna's l.a. condo. what donna's family is saying today about her final moments as we look back at the disco queen in her own words. >> i just became extremely depressed and i didn't know how to get out of it. if i kept it up i was going to drop dead. >> the confessions about her demons.


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